Into Action

Where does RedCliff Recovery take place?  Why does location matter?  Where do RedCliff Recovery enrollees come from?  Where do clients go once they graduate from RedCliff Recovery?

The course area we use is over a 1000 square miles of land in the southwestern part of Utah.  We also have Outpost, which is located in our operating field where clients are provided with showering facilities, shelter, and water.  It is also a conducive area for learning and a place where we bring community members to participate in 12-step meetings with our clients.

Women at RedCliff Recovery alternate between desert backpacking and mountain biking each week and participate in specialty days, such as rock climbing and fishing.  Not only do the women learn to have fun in healthy ways, but also through consistent participation, they gain enough skills to be proficient and able to continue with these adventures after leaving RedCliff.

Many of our clients step down to a lower level of care after graduating from RCR.  We can help clients and families find the appropriate placement for their next step, or work with referring professionals as appropriate.  As a woman begins to determine her aftercare plan, we bring her information on different types of programs as well as help her find specific programs that might fit her needs.  Additionally, we facilitate phone calls between our clients and potential placements so appropriate and concrete plans can be made prior to graduation.   While some women and their families find it appropriate for the client to return home to continue care, others may continue with residential care such as sober living.