Designed by women for women

We are women and we understand what women need.  With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have been able to distill the best of wilderness treatment and working specifically with women to create a program and an environment that can create hope and change. 

Women who have co-occurring disorders are close to our heart. And this age group of women—who fall into the “emerging adult” category— is especially essential.

Research shows that people in this age group have the highest rates per past-year alcohol abuse and dependence. While a higher percentage of men drink heavily as compared with women, still a significant portion of women drink equally massive. Often, there are other mental health problems that are occurring, and we are well-equipped to treatment in those areas as well.

Is your family member continuing to drink or use drugs despite negative consequences – physical, emotional, social, and financial? Is your loved one unable to control or slow their drinking or drug use? Has your family member attempted to stop drinking and using, but failed to do so? Is your loved one in denial or does she justify her drinking or use? Now is the time to intervene.

Families should intervene when their loved one is unable and unwilling to help herself. A lot deception and manipulation also often comes with addiction. If she is exposed to drugs or alcohol in her environment, out of home placement is likely safest for her.

As soon as a woman enrolls in the program and goes into the field, she will begin working on the program curriculum, which is divided into phases. Through this work, she will complete work on Steps 1-4, which will lay a foundation for her recovery. This work is merely a beginning. The real work will happen upon graduation from RedCliff and launching into her next steps where she can more easily attend 12-step meetings on her own or with others, and find and work with a sponsor. A client is ready to graduate from RedCliff Recovery once she has completed the program curriculum, is therapeutically prepared – which is determined by the client, the clinician, the family, and has established an aftercare plan. To complete the program, it typically takes 45-60 days but depends on the client’s level of honesty, willingness, and open-mindedness.